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Program Development Grants

Whether your section, region, Society committee, or other SWE affiliate organization is planning an outreach or professional development event to support one or more of SWE’s objectives, funding your activities and events can often be a challenging task. However, Program Development Grants (PDGs) from the Society can help!

SWE Program Development Grants: 
With generous funding from the ExxonMobil Foundation, grants are available to support the strategic activities of SWE members, and to provide funding for various Society level Committee projects.

Funding is processed through the PDG Committee, which comprises volunteers from most regions, including international, as well as Collegiate and Professional members.

If, after reading through this page and the FAQs below, you still have questions regarding funding or would like to get more involved in the committee (approximately 15+ hours per year), please contact your regional PDG rep or the committee chair at The links below will also provide additional details.

View Examples of Ideal Sample Reports:

PD Sample Grant Submittal
PD Sample Grant Report
Outreach Sample Grant Submittal
Outreach Sample Grant Report

To be eligible to receive funding, your SWE organizational unit must meet all of the following criteria.  If you are unsure if you meet these criteria, please check with your region PDG rep or email and request a check of eligibility.  Submitting a proposal when you are not eligible will delay your grant approval.

  1. The proposal must be sponsored by a legitimate SWE organization, such as a Section, Region, MALs, Society Committee, or Affiliate. SWENext members must obtain the sponsorship of one of the above mentioned organizational units.
  2. The event must be SWE or SWE-Affiliate led. For the vast majority of our proposal authors / project managers, this means that your local SWE section must be leading this event. PDG Funding cannot be used for events run by an individual or organization not affiliated with the Society.
  3. Sections, MALs, or Affiliates requesting funds must be in good standing with the Society.
    • They should have submitted their annual report to SWE Headquarters at the close of the last fiscal year (as required).
    • The President and Treasurer or fiscal authority must be paid members of SWE.
  4. The proposal must be submitted by a currently paid SWE member.
  5. The project must be managed by a currently paid SWE member.
  6. Proposals from Society Committees must include a copy of Board Meeting Minutes or Notes clearly stating approval by the Board of Directors.
  7. SWE organizations requesting funds may have no more than three outstanding reports, deliverables, or unreturned unused funds totaling up to $15,000, for projects previously funded by a Program Development Grant.

Submitting a Proposal for SWE PDG Funding:

  1. Start early. Submit your grant at least three months before the event. The committee meets monthly; grants must be submitted by midnight (PST) on the 1st day of the month to be considered for funding in that month’s funding cycle. Funding decisions are made no later than the 4th Monday in each month. The funding cycle could take up to 45 days, meaning that you may not receive formal notification on the funding status of your grant until the middle of the month after that which it is reviewed. See the graphic below for more details. PDG Timeline
  2. Set your section or SWE organization up for electronic banking using  Contact Phil Thakadiyil at for more information.  Electronic banking can cut significant time off the funding cycle.
  3. Collect all the information necessary for submittal, including proposed project venue, date and duration, leader contact details, participants, learning objectives, activities, schedule, planning, volunteers, and estimated costs, along with relevant details regarding other funding sources. The links here may help you in the proposal preparation process.
  4. Submit your proposal here

Please use the following information presented in this section when preparing your PDG grant request for FY17 (7/1/2016 – 6/30/2017):

PDG Rubric

Download the FY17 SWE PDG Funding Plan

Download the FY17 Webinar Handout

Watch the FY17 PDG Webinar

Final Reports should be submitted within 30 days after any type of event at this link

    1. There will be a link at the end of the OMT survey to send you to the above link for the rest of the required PDG Final Report information.
  • Copies of project/event receipts must be submitted simultaneously as a single pdf document to for all expenses covered by PDG funding.
    1. It is highly recommended that treasurer review receipts prior to submitting final report.
    2. Committee will reconcile expenses vs. disbursements to determine who owes who what.
      • If the difference between approved/disbursed funding and valid receipts is less than $100 in grantee’s favor (section owes SWE), return of excess funds is not required.
      • If the difference between approved/disbursed funding and valid receipts is less than $100 in grantor’s favor (SWE owes Section), additional payment will be made to grantee ONLY through Sections not utilizing will not receive a paper check for less than $100 difference.
      • If the difference in either case is over $100, either check or e-payment may be used to balance.
  • Any photos to be submitted should be set up on an online service such as Flickr and the link included in online submittal.

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