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Thank you for your interest in SWE's Outreach for students. We are sending you to EngineerGirl.

Their website contains great information for exploring and pursuing a careen in engineering" You can meet real engineers, find scholarships, participate in contests and become part of SWE through our SWENext program. It's your time to BeThatEngineer!

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New Member Outreach Page

New Member Outreach Page

Thanks for stopping by the new SWE Members Outreach info page! More updated content will be coming soon.

Gain Insights with Voices from the Field

Gain Insights with Voices from the Field

Each month, learn tips and tricks to enhance your outreach efforts from SWE leaders who've been there. Hear this month's Voices from the Field webinar recording.

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Outreach Metric Tool (OMT) The Outreach Metric Tool is a simple 10 question survey to complete after your outreach events. These are events that focus on students ages 4-18 and/or their adult advocates such as parents, educators, and group leaders. The data you enter will be used internally by the SWE Outreach Committee to set goals and make strategic decisions. The data will also be used externally with sponsors to show the impact of the outreach that SWE members do. Many grants require the information we are collecting, and we need accurate information to share with them. The Outreach Committee will generate a Monthly OMT Report, highlighting the collective outreach work of the society. Here’s the information you should gather together before you use this tool: - Event name and date(s) - Section name/number or Member at Large (MAL) number for all SWE sections/MAL groups participating - Event type - Number of girls who participated in the event - Number of boys who participated in the event - Age of students who participated (Estimates are okay; report the age range of the majority) - Number of Adults who participated – These are Parents, Educators, and other non-volunteers who participated in the event. - Number of SWE Member volunteers - Number of other volunteers – not SWE members - Name of Partner Organization(s), if applicable - Any best practices you would like to share (optional) Go to and tell us about the outreach work you do.

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Outreach leaders often face two challenges when it comes to partnerships.

  1. You are looking for partners to help you with networking, materials, cooperation or funding for your own outreach.
  2. Others outside of SWE are requesting SWE speakers, role models or mentors from you.

SWE has partnered with the National Girls Collaborative Project to help resolve both of these challenges.

When looking for local partners to help

  1. Register your program or section at
  2. Use the advanced search feature in the directory to find the partner you are looking for.

When others are asking you for SWE members

  1. Refer them to Fabfems is a database of women engineers and scientists from around the world interested in supporting these opportunities. From there people looking for the support of an engineer can connect directly to them and take you as the outreach leader out of the loop.
  2. Encourage your members interested in working as a role model, mentor or speaker to register as a Fabfem at

The power of SWE as an outreach organization is you. Positive role models have been shown to have a significant impact on a young woman’s decision to pursue a career in engineering. Become the best role model you can be by participating in outreach trainings based on the latest research. This page is divided into three sections: foundations, learning from your colleagues and advanced concepts.

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The focus of the SWE Outreach Committee is on providing SWE members and others interested in outreach with the tools, training and resources necessary to be effective outreach practitioners. The committee is divided into working groups that lead the variety of initiatives undertaken by the committee.

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 Updated information coming soon on SWE outreach programs, for now find additional information here.

SWE Members

As a SWE member you have exclusive access to funds for outreach. In addition we have listed funding sources outside of SWE. Have a funding source you’d like to share? 

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Updated information coming soon for our Outreach Activities Tool Kit, for now find additional information here.


Students,Parents,Educators,SWE Members

 Updated information coming soon for our Outreach Awards and Certificates of Merit, for now find additional information here.


Parents,Educators,SWE Members

 Updated information coming soon, for now find additional information here


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Outreach Assessment Made Easy

A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating and Summarizing Outreach Surveys

Thank you for the outreach work you do! Programs you run have a lasting impact on students. Our “Assessment Made Easy Tool Kit” is a step-by-step approach to creating a post-event survey that you can give your participants (students, parents/educators and volunteers).

Step 1: Define the Objectives of your Outreach Event

Step 2: Construct the Survey(s)

Step 3: Summarize Your Survey Results

Download the linked files as needed to select your objectives and construct your surveys.

(First time users should read this document first.)

Corporate Partnership Council