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Thank you for your interest in SWE's Outreach for students. We are sending you to EngineerGirl.

Their website contains great information for exploring and pursuing a careen in engineering" You can meet real engineers, find scholarships, participate in contests and become part of SWE through our SWENext program. It's your time to BeThatEngineer!

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Experience success on your own termsWhen you join SWE you connect with a professional network of 30,000 enthusiastic, like-minded women engineers as well as professional development resources that members consistently rate as "excellent."

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IT Infrastructure Update: SWE aliases and listservs are not yet fully operational and we are awaiting an update on timing.

Our infrastructure will include continued usage of an iMail system with the appropriate changes to improve security. With this timing, it is no longer necessary to submit individual requests to SWE Support to address any migration issues. Again, we thank you for your patience during this transition.


SWE offers a number of resources to its members and Sections for member management activity, promoting SWE, SWE merchandise and more. Below you'll find a number of resources to use. 

If you have a suggestion for the leadership or staff of SWE, please send it to

If you need assistance with any issues related to membership (joining, renewing, upgrading, etc.) or leadership reporting (accessing, downloading, reporting, etc.) please contact us at

For unresolved issues, please contact SWE’s ombudsman at

Membership & Section Resources
Request a SWE Website

Thank you for your interest in setting up your SWE section website on the SWE headquarters server. We provide sections space on the server free of charge. Generally, if you want to post a few pages under your region, you designate a webmaster and we will give him or her ftp access to a folder under your region to post the pages. We are not able to support custom domain names.

Content posted on this site impacts all of SWE’s section/region sites. Ensure that any computer that posts to this site is running current virus protection. Malware introduced to the site in the past has impacted many section sites.

Some prohibitions to be aware of include: CGI/perl, streaming media, custom applications in your directory without discussing them with the sysadmin, using copyrighted material without a release (for example images), and building up a large library of documents (downloadable PDFs/docs related to society business are appropriate). We ask that you limit your directory size to about 30 MB, although exceptions can be made for special projects.

Server side scripting is limited to .aspx and .asp.

For more flexibility, some sections host locally and we build redirectors into the main pages they point to their own web server.

Once you're up and running support is provided primarily by the Region webmaster or "gatekeeper".

Templates for look and feel and navigation were created to compliment the base SWE web site for each Region and its Sections. Use of the template is encouraged but not currently required. If you have difficulties with the website, please contact

Please note that the development of the site is your responsibility and unfortunately SWE does not have resources to support site development.

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Request a List Serv

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Please allow two weeks for responses to list serv and alias requests; four weeks for website requests.

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