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Recent Blog Posts

This is where you can find blog posts from SWE webinar presenters and various SWE partner organizations. We hope to stimulate your interest about the content SWE is discussing now and what we plan to discuss in the future.

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Learn about what your Outreach colleagues are doing out in the field. These real world experiences are intended to inform and spark ideas and encourage questions. This month our focus is on role models and effective collaboration. We will have two different presentations, the first approximately 5 minutes and the second 45 minutes, with time for questions at the end.

Jessica Jennings is originally from the Detroit area but moved to Chicago seven years ago to work at the BP refinery in Whiting, IN. She now works at BP’s downtown office as a linear program analyst. She graduated from Notre Dame with a BS in Chemical Engineering and has been an active SWE member since college. She is the VP of Outreach for the Chicago Regional Section and a member of the Outreach Committee at the society level, and has previously been a Membership Circle Leader and Outreach Chair for her section. In her free time, Jessica enjoys teaching and doing fun activities with kids, baking, and spending time with family and friends.

Named one of the 100 Women Leaders in STEM by STEMconnector, Tricia Berry leads efforts to recruit and graduate women in the Cockrell School of Engineering as Director of the Women in Engineering Program at The University of Texas at Austin. She concurrently serves as Collaborative Lead for the Texas Girls Collaborative Project (TxGCP), leading the dissemination of STEM best practices and informal curriculum across Texas in coordination with the National Girls Collaborative Project. Through both roles, she connects and supports organizations and individuals working to advance gender equity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields across Texas and beyond. As the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President for 825 Basics, Tricia helps people with tools to craft their career strategies, find their passions and achieve career and life success. She is the co-author of You Can’t Eat Your Degree: Combine Your Passions and Philosophies to Create the Story of Your Future and Exceeds Expectations: Take Control of Your Performance Review. Previously, Berry worked as a Process Engineer and a Product Development Engineer at The Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, Texas. Tricia holds a BS Chemical Engineering degree and an MBA.

Learn about what your Outreach colleagues are doing out in the field. These real world experiences are intended to inform and spark ideas and encourage questions. This month our focus is on techniques for effectively managing your outreach. We will have two different presentations, the first approximately 20 minutes and the second 10 minutes, with time for questions at the end.

Sainab Ninalowo grew up in Nigeria, West Africa. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University in 2012. She currently works for ComEd as a New Business, Design Construction Consultant. ComEd is a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation. Sainab's desire to share her passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and to unlock the intelligence of young girls, led her to become the high school liaison for the Society of Women Engineers, Chicago Regional Section.

Ilona Gallas graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from UW-Milwaukee. She worked for Weston Solutions for three years and then Burns & McDonnell for 12 years doing environmental consulting. Last January, She started working for a small consulting firm called Tall Oak Associates. She was the fourth employee and they are all women. Ilona held the position of Corresponding Secretary for SWE-Chicago Regional Section in FY13 and the Outreach Chair for FY14. She will continue being the Outreach Chair for one more year. She is a mom of one very active 9-year old girl. When Ilona is not working or being a mom, you will find her at the ice rink. She is a competitive adult figure skater. Skating keeps her active and relaxed.

Sadaf Qazi received her Bachelor’s degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Computer Engineering and a Master’s degree from Tufts University in Electrical Engineering. She has been a member of SWE since her time in undergrad and then became a professional member afterwards. During her time at WIT, she was section president for three years. Her other involvement with SWE has included being the collegiate counselor for WIT, co-lead for the Cambridge Science Fair, and Section Representative in the Boston Professional Section. Sadaf is currently in the SWE Houston Area Section.

Learn about what your Outreach colleagues are doing out in the field. These real world experiences are intended to inform, spark ideas and encourage questions.

This webinar will focus on making the connection between the work you do and outreach activities. We will also have a presentation on outreach awards. 

Kate Nolan works at Boeing and is from the SWE St. Louis Section. She will talk about applying for outreach awards, the various award categories, and the outreach award process.

Cheryl Dalsin works for Intel. She will discuss a K-8th grade outreach program that focuses on Supply Chain. This program was created in partnership with Arizona State University, Michigan State University & MIT's Center for Transportation & Logistics to address pre-collegiate gaps. Activities are stand-alone, have reusable kits, and can be completed within a 2 hour window. Topics include: Intel Day, Lego Car Manufacturing, Lemonade Science, Lean Paper Airplane, and Pizza Supply Chain.

Bernadine Splettstoeszer is a consultant and a member of the SWE Minnesota section. She will focus on inspiring young students to consider a career in engineering. This will be done with an Introduction of work responsibilities, how to translate those responsibilities into an age appropriate lecture and a demonstration of a scaled down version of her talk on computer hardware with 10 slides. Finally Bernadine will summarize her experiences with these volunteer lectures and strategies for obtaining props for one's engineering topic.


Sponsored by: The ExxonMobil Foundation

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Learn about what your Outreach colleagues are doing out in the field. These real world experiences are intended to inform, spark ideas and encourage questions.

This month our focus is on tricks and tips for planning effective outreach.

Jessica Jennings works at BP and is from the SWE Chicago Section. She will talk about growing her sections outreach with planning, resources and partners as well as lessons learned along the way.

Heather Mayes, PHD Candidate from the Northwestern SWE Section will discuss hosting an impactful and effective panel discussion with an audience.

Randy Freedman, SWE Outreach Manager will talk about tools and techniques for registering participants for an event and planning for their arrival.


This month our focus is on the Corporate Engineering Challenge. Megan James from the Kalamazoo section will present on a partnership event held at the Air Zoo. Learn how they leveraged partnerships and overcame obstacles to create an impactful day for middle school girls.

Also featured-Roshi Kasad from Techbridge will present on a great role model resource for SWE members made in partnership with Techbridge. Learn about the Engage, Connect, Inspire guide and become a better role model.

We will close with information from Amy Foster from the National Girls Collaborative Project on how to use the FabFems database to help you and your section field requests for volunteers.

The 2014 Individual Collegiate Awards Training Presentation is designed to familiarize you with the awards’ nomination process and requirements. The presentation supports the information in the awards packet found in the Awards’ section on  

Get the Individual Collegiate Awards Training Information here.  

The 2014 Individual Awards Training Presentation is designed to familiarize you with the awards’ nomination process and requirements. The presentation supports the information in the awards packet found in the Awards’ section on  

Get the Individual Awards Training Information here.

Love Your Job More - Believing and Achieving: January 23 at 2pm CT with Kathleen Buse. 
Research has shown that complex, multi-level factors impact women’s ability to achieve in engineering and other male-dominated professions. Structural issues in the workplace have been well documented but newer streams of research have focused on how society and culture impact a woman’s self-efficacy or her belief in herself to succeed. Our own research has focused on characteristics that distinguish women who persist in the engineering profession and we found that self-efficacy is directly related to a woman’s commitment to the profession. In this webinar, we seek to have everyone “love their job more” by understanding their own self-beliefs. We first discuss self-efficacy especially in a professional engineering role. We will share how self-efficacy differs for women from their male colleagues in the engineering profession, and we will provide participants with specific actions to aid them in developing their own beliefs to achieve and succeed.

About the Speaker: 

Starting at the Eastman Kodak Company as an engineer, Kathleen has worked in various technical and management roles for more than 25 years. As an engineer she has developed new products, designed new systems, and led continuous improvement of products and processes. She has managed engineering, operations, IT, plant and facilities maintenance, product development and quality functions. Kathleen obtained her PhD in Management: Designing Sustainable Systems from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Her research has focused on women who persist in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) professions and includes leadership development, women in leadership, women’s careers and especially women in engineering and other STEM careers. Today Kathleen works at Case Western Reserve University where she is on the faculty for the Leadership Lab for Women in STEM. Additionally Kathleen is an adjunct professor in both the Weatherhead School of Management and the Institute for Management and Engineering. She teaches classes on product design, materials and manufacturing, marketing and research practices. Kathleen also works as a management consultant and career coach specifically targeting women in leadership and STEM careers.


  • WMV Love your Job More – Believing and Achieving
  • PDF January 23, 2014 SWE PowerPoint Slides (1 per page).pdf
  • PDF January 23, 2014 SWE PowerPoint Slides (3 per page).pdf

SWE now offers organizations the opportunity to purchase bulk access to all SWE webinars and online professional development. 

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