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Recent Blog Posts

This is where you can find blog posts from SWE webinar presenters and various SWE partner organizations. We hope to stimulate your interest about the content SWE is discussing now and what we plan to discuss in the future.

Webinar Title
K-12 Outreach

Learn about what your Outreach colleagues are doing out in the field. These real world experiences are intended to inform, spark ideas and encourage questions.

This month our focus is on tricks and tips for planning effective outreach.

Jessica Jennings works at BP and is from the SWE Chicago Section. She will talk about growing her sections outreach with planning, resources and partners as well as lessons learned along the way.

Heather Mayes, PHD Candidate from the Northwestern SWE Section will discuss hosting an impactful and effective panel discussion with an audience.

Randy Freedman, SWE Outreach Manager will talk about tools and techniques for registering participants for an event and planning for their arrival.


K-12 Outreach

This month our focus is on the Corporate Engineering Challenge. Megan James from the Kalamazoo section will present on a partnership event held at the Air Zoo. Learn how they leveraged partnerships and overcame obstacles to create an impactful day for middle school girls.

Also featured-Roshi Kasad from Techbridge will present on a great role model resource for SWE members made in partnership with Techbridge. Learn about the Engage, Connect, Inspire guide and become a better role model.

We will close with information from Amy Foster from the National Girls Collaborative Project on how to use the FabFems database to help you and your section field requests for volunteers.


The 2014 Individual Collegiate Awards Training Presentation is designed to familiarize you with the awards’ nomination process and requirements. The presentation supports the information in the awards packet found in the Awards’ section on  

Get the Individual Collegiate Awards Training Information here.  


The 2014 Individual Awards Training Presentation is designed to familiarize you with the awards’ nomination process and requirements. The presentation supports the information in the awards packet found in the Awards’ section on  

Get the Individual Awards Training Information here.

Career Development and Life Transitions

Love Your Job More - Believing and Achieving: January 23 at 2pm CT with Kathleen Buse.
Research has shown that complex, multi-level factors impact women’s ability to achieve in engineering and other male-dominated professions. Structural issues in the workplace have been well documented but newer streams of research have focused on how society and culture impact a woman’s self-efficacy or her belief in herself to succeed. Our own research has focused on characteristics that distinguish women who persist in the engineering profession and we found that self-efficacy is directly related to a woman’s commitment to the profession. In this webinar, we seek to have everyone “love their job more” by understanding their own self-beliefs. We first discuss self-efficacy especially in a professional engineering role. We will share how self-efficacy differs for women from their male colleagues in the engineering profession, and we will provide participants with specific actions to aid them in developing their own beliefs to achieve and succeed.

About the Speaker: 

Starting at the Eastman Kodak Company as an engineer, Kathleen has worked in various technical and management roles for more than 25 years. As an engineer she has developed new products, designed new systems, and led continuous improvement of products and processes. She has managed engineering, operations, IT, plant and facilities maintenance, product development and quality functions. Kathleen obtained her PhD in Management: Designing Sustainable Systems from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Her research has focused on women who persist in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) professions and includes leadership development, women in leadership, women’s careers and especially women in engineering and other STEM careers. Today Kathleen works at Case Western Reserve University where she is on the faculty for the Leadership Lab for Women in STEM. Additionally Kathleen is an adjunct professor in both the Weatherhead School of Management and the Institute for Management and Engineering. She teaches classes on product design, materials and manufacturing, marketing and research practices. Kathleen also works as a management consultant and career coach specifically targeting women in leadership and STEM careers.

  • WMVLove your Job More – Believing and Achieving
  • PDFJanuary 23, 2014 SWE PowerPoint Slides (1 per page).pdf
  • PDFJanuary 23, 2014 SWE PowerPoint Slides (3 per page).pdf
K-12 Outreach

SWE now offers organizations the opportunity to purchase bulk access to all SWE webinars and online professional development. 

Innovation in Technology and Business

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge facing many aspects of our society. Society seemingly has an insatiable thirst for more and more cyber capabilities that is accelerating at an increasingly rapid pace. We eagerly adopt new cyber capabilities in the name of efficiency, convenience, entertainment, and even safety, but often do so without considering the increased risk we assume. This webinar will provide an overview of key topics in computer security with an emphasis on research and development. Security is a wide field, encompassing network security, operating system security, language-based security, forensics, privacy, as well as legal and policy issues. We will describe technical topics and opportunities. We will cover these varied topics, drawing on expertise from industry and academia. The broad goal of the webinar is to increase awareness in the field of cyber security research and development and to ultimately increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in computer security research.

About the Speaker:

Terry Benzel has a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Boston University (1982) and an Executive M.B.A from UCLA (1996). She has been at USC since 2003 where she is currently the Deputy Director of the Cyber Networks and Cyber Security Division of the USC Information Sciences Institute and a Research Scientist in the USC Marshall School of Business. Her research interests are in the science of cyber security experimentation and next generation distributed experimentation methodologies. She participates in business development, technology transfer and special projects with industrial and academic partners. From 1998 – 2003, Ms. Benzel was Vice President, Advanced Security Research at Network Associates (McAfee) Labs where she managed and directed all aspects of an advanced computer security research laboratory with $20M per year in research funding and over 100 professionals and staff (30% Ph.D.) who performed research for the United States government, including DARPA, US Air Force, Army, and multiple US intelligence agencies, as well as several major commercial clients. hroughout her senior positions in industry, academia and service to the community she has helped young women and minorities get their start in computer security.

  • WMVField of Cyber Security Research and Development and Opportunities for Women
  • PDFJanuary 16, 2014 SWE PowerPoint Slides (1 per page).pdf
  • PDFJanuary 16, 2014 SWE PowerPoint Slides (3 per page).pdf
K-12 Outreach

Find out the latest outreach information by listening to our Outreach Town Hall Webinar Recording from Jan. 8, 2014.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will: 

  • Learn about Engineers Week, Girl Day and the available free resource
  • Learn where to find new SWE outreach resources
  • Understand the importance of the National Girls Collaborative Project and how to join
  • Know where to find sources of outreach funding
  • Learn about funded and unfunded SWE programs, you can do with your section
  • Find out about our suite of outreach trainings
  • Learn about the status of our Agilent Kit program
  • Learn about plans for the Aspire website
  • Be provided with Outreach Committee information and key contacts

Time will be provided for questions and feedback.

  • LinkOutreach Town Hall Recorded Webinar

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