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Thank you for your interest in SWE's Outreach for students. We are sending you to EngineerGirl.

Their website contains great information for exploring and pursuing a careen in engineering" You can meet real engineers, find scholarships, participate in contests and become part of SWE through our SWENext program. It's your time to BeThatEngineer!

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2012 Wow! That’s Engineering! Signature Event Sites Announced


Since 2006, the SWE Outreach Committee has worked diligently to find, encourage and support sections in their endeavor to influence their community by hosting a Wow! That's Engineering! signature event. This year the applications were some of the best we have seen and therefore, were among the most difficult to choose. After going through 17 applications, the top five applicants were chosen by the Wow! That's Engineering! work group. The top five were then interviewed and the four recipients selected.

“The enthusiasm everyone demonstrated was contagious,” says Randy Freedman, Outreach Manager at SWE. “I can’t wait to plan and participate in these events.”

All 17 applications were excellent. The four sections chosen displayed the skills and ability to successfully host an event, a commitment to hard work, dedication to teamwork and an attitude of excellence, and each worked to earn the grants to host their signature events. The recipients are:

    •    Tuskegee University
    •    Las Vegas
    •    The University of Alabama
    •    The University of Hawaii

We congratulate each section for earning the distinguished honor of being named a 2012 Wow! That's Engineering! signature event host. We look forward to the great events coming throughout the upcoming year.

If you were not selected for a signature event grant this year, we strongly encourage you to apply again next year. In the meantime, please consider applying for a SWE Program Development Grant (PDG). PDGs are available to support activities of SWE Professional Sections, Collegiate Sections and Members At Large, and to provide funding for Society Committee pilot projects. Learn more at the Aspire K-12 Outreach website.

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